With proper care, you can use your expensive leather purse for many years. Once you get an ink stain on your leather purses, you should remove it quickly with proper cleaning routine. Use paper towels to blot the fresh stain. It is recommended to use a fresh area of paper towel with each blot. Never
Leather purses are strong and stylish accessories, but they can develop creases and wrinkles if we don’t care them properly. However, how to fix wrinkles in leather purses? Hanging purse Hang leather purse and let the creases and wrinkles release on their own Find a hanger to hold the purse with clips, and make sure
It is simple to make purses with upholstery fabric. What’s more, you can use upholstery purses for many years. 1. Sew the Bag’s Body Cut an 11 inch wide and 24 inch long upholstery fabric. Fold the fabric to make the right side (the side of the fabric you want to show) is on the
Connect coconut shell pieces with copper, sterling silver or filled-gold wire, or semi-precious gemstones to make a high-end, one-of-a-kind purse. Or, you can connect coconut shell pieces with hemp, jute or sisal cord to make vegan-friendly versions of popular designer bags. Steps to Make a Coconut Shell Purse Buy or cut the various shapes and
It is simple to create a leather bag to carry your things around in. Determine how large you would like your bag to be. Although the typical shoulder bag will be between 5 and 8 wide long by 5 inches long, you can change it as you see fit. Cut a piece of leather which
If you want to make a purse, you can start with a bucket bag. Leather or vinyl or sturdy canvas can be used to make bucket bag. Measure and Cut the Fabric Determine the size of the package. Add 1 inch to each measurement. Cut two rectangles of fabric to that measurement. (For instance, 12
It is very easy to make a fabric bag. Select fabric Choose the fabric which can be used for the body of the bag and the lining. Cut pattern Place the template or pattern on your fabric. Cut the body of the bag, inside lining and straps. Cut out the same pieces from your interfacing
Genuine leather handbags require extra attention. However, do you know how to clean leather handbags? Clean the Leather Clean your leather handbag after using it about a week. Dampen a clean, soft and lint-free cloth with a bit of water and mild liquid soap. Use this cloth to simple wipe your bag, removing day-to-day surface
If you (you & your partner) own two important abilities: design skills and business skills, you not only can make money but also enjoy a rewarding career in the designer purse business. Design Purse Shop the famous purse labels, including Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen and Valentino, to study them and develop your own design preferences.
With proper care and clean, you can maintain your handbag or purse. Clean Leather Material Bags Apply small amount of leather cleaner or saddle soap to a cloth. Use it to lightly rub soiled areas in circular motion. Wipe clean. Dry it. Apply a small amount of leather moisturizer to a piece of cloth. Use
Do you want to sell some of your purses to get paid to express your creative side or live your dream of earning a great living? In general, with only a few basic steps, you can make money selling purses at home. 4 options to stock your inventory Buy purses in bulk and place them

How to Dye a Leather Purse

Although it is not difficult to dye leather, you had better prepare some materials. Before dying, you should read all instructions on the dye bottle. Some dyes can be thinned with water, while some dyes cannot be thinned. Steps to Dye a Leather Purse Check the purse’s material. Vegetable tanned leather, dry and stiff, is
The secret to sell purses at retail store or craft shows is that you should display them in a way to catch the eye of potential customers. However, how to display handbags to make them stand out in the crowd? How to Display Handbags at Retail Store Install hooks or decorative knobs throughout the store.
Sometimes, people may put litter in their bag if they cannot find a trash can. However, most of them don’t know how to clean the inside of purse. How to get rid of any lingering odors? Empty everything in the purse, leaving a smaller pockets open. Shake purse vigorously to remove most of the larger
Traveling bag, also called carpet bag purse, comes in different size. However, how to make a carpet bag purse? Steps to Make Carpet Bags 1. Draw the bag’s pattern on the pattern paper. For basic travel bags, the dimensions are 14 x14 inches. If you have selected a clasp-purse frame, make a pattern according to
Lined jean purse is nice and fashionable. Here’s how to a lined jean purse. Steps to Make a Lined Jean Purse Measure the distance between the top edge of the waistband and the seam at the bottom of the purse, and add 1″ to this measurement. Place the purse flat and measure the top edge
Want to draw a purse quick and accurate?  Before you start drawing, get to know what styles are currently available on the market and observe the details current designers use. Steps To Draw Purses & Handbags 1. Identify the specific shape of the purse you want to draw. To draw following bag, for example, you
Want to know how to make a bag out of candy wrappers? Open candy wrappers and let they lay flat. Cut candy wrappers in half lengthwise. Fold them in half along length. Open and fold the lower half of the wrapping paper to the middle. Fold the upper half toward the middle. Fold wrappers in
Although handbag designer can make or break our outfit, it needs high fees that most common users cannot afford it. In general, you can decorate your handbag as long as you have a little knowledge and have some right tools. Preparations Determine the type of handbag you want to decorate. With right supplies, you can
Painting a design on a leather tweak your purse more extra personalized. Acrylic paints can help to quickly and safely paint a leather purse, for acrylic paints are flexible. Before painting a leather purse, you had better prepare the purse to take the paint. Steps to Paint a Leather Purse Use old toothbrush and a