Sometimes, you need a satin drawstring gift bag to store rings, earrings or other small jewelry gifts, or store a gift certificate or gift card. Now, you can easily make satin gift bags. 1. Preparation Cut a rectangle 15 inches long by 6 ½ inches wide from satin. Use a finishing stitch on a Serger
Drawstring bags come in different sizes, each with a different purpose. For larger bag, you can use it as a tote bag. For medium size bag made from bright fabric, you can use it as a fun summer purse. For smaller size bag made from satin or velvet, you can use it as an evening
People who wear evening gowns or dressy outfits always have a clutch purse. Almost all fabric can be made into a clutch purse. Unless otherwise noted, you had better use 1/4-inch seam allowance. Steps to Create a Clutch Purse Cut four 10-by-7-inch pieces of fabric. Cut two 10-by-7 inches pieces of fusible interfacing. Iron one
Now, more and more users like using a tie or other small vintage supplies to make an evening bag. Steps to Make an Evening Bag from a Neck Tie Disable the label, interfacing and lining from the neck tie. Iron the fabric, and cut the length of the tie into four equal pieces. Stitch the
Satin, a delicate fabric comes in variety of weaves, requires special care when cleaned. Carefully read the label before cleaning your stain evening bag. If you still have some doubts, you had better take it to dry cleaner. In general, you can wash any type of satin at home with a basic and gentle method.
With fancy fabric, any style of purse can be turned into an evening bag. It is recommended to choose satins, silks or brocades because of these fabrics not only can match your outfit but also have an elegant look and feel. Follow the directions below to make a simple drawstring evening bag. Steps to Make