Do you like the smell of a new leather purse? What should you do if you don’t like it? Although it will automatically disappear, it needs some time. In fact, we can make a leather purse smell better with a few simple procedures and supplies. Place new leather purse at the bottom of a large
With proper care, you can use your high-quality leather purse – a fashion item for many years. However, leather purse will pick up musty odors if you place it in a damp area. If this happens, you are eager to know how to get a musty smell out of your leather purse. Take purse outside
Cute purse plays an important role in our daily life. However, what should we do if our purse smells bad? How to clean purse to keep it smelling and looking fresh? Clean purse every week or two weeks. Place a canvas purse in a washing machine on the gentle cycle with mild laundry detergent. Mix